18 Essay Topics On Computers For University Level Courses

Computer Science and Information Technology are disciplines that constantly experience innovative developments all over the world. A student needing to write a computers essay needs to stay on top of these advancements in order to keep at the forefront of meaningful research. It can be tricky trying to develop something unique and interesting to focus on when writing a computer science essay, so we decided to bring together a list of ideas for different university-level courses:

Computer Essay Topics for Freshman

  • How do male and female students react and respond differently to computer-based learning in the classroom?
  • Are game-based learning programs effective tool s for students that come from low-socio economic areas?
  • Will remote information technology specialists replace the need for on-site IT-staff to deal with internal computer problems?
  • What improvements can be made to incorporate computer technology in non-tech disciplines such as History or Literature?
  • Will a thorough understanding of computer software and hardware be required by educators as we move further into the 21st century?

Essay on Computers for Sophomore

  • In what ways are computer science courses and degrees making liberal arts disciplines obsolete?
  • Are the web filters at higher educational institutions overly restrictive, considering that the internet providing service is school property?
  • How can table computers and associated games be incorporated into classroom education, and do these tools promote gender diversity?
  • How important is open source software to the advancement of more reliable and affordable applications?
  • What are the main principles at work behind most of the computer viruses that cyber-hackers are using today against victims?

Essay on Computer for Juniors & Seniors

  • How do data warehousing processes differ between the manufacturing and banking sectors and how are businesses adjusting to needs?
  • In what ways are cryptography and information security affecting the way computer science courses approach the philosophy of learning?
  • What risk factors determine the kind of security that is necessary for places like hospitals and government buildings?
  • How has performance evaluation affected the way computer science courses have adjusted to the growing needs of for-profit businesses?
  • Privacy in today‚Äôs connected world: How the internet is diminishing all we have understood about our rights to privacy.
  • How will artificial intelligence affect the way medication is administered in remote areas, particularly third-world and underdeveloped countries?
  • Has content management technology outgrown small business needs and what are start-ups utilizing to keep their costs low?
  • What are some of the most effective frameworks being introduced to provide business with feature-based processing?

There are a hundred areas that one can explore in the field of computer science, and this list is just of the iceberg. Try brainstorming or mind-mapping ideas by reading articles in current journals. Meet with friends to discuss topics that pique your interest. Or turn our professional My Custom Essay writing service with experts that can create a custom list of the hottest issues being discussed today.